The idea of creating an online platform with access to original vintage pieces is born of a passion for fashion. The founding partners decided to create a practical module that provides easy access to hard-to-find pieces.
A sweet potato pie is an American dessert that represents the tradition of fraternal love, respect and gratitude in African cuisine introduced long ago to the United States. A luxury suite can refer to an access to exclusive items found inside a room. The word play in the brand name SUITE POTATO PIE represents the access to an archive world of accessible luxury that seeks fraternity, respect and gratitude within our environment by seeking second hand pieces of excellent quality.
SUITE POTATO PIE (SPP) is an e-tailer fashion platform that offers original vintage pieces and garments salvaged by our Creative Team from around the world . The platform features meticulously selected clothing for an audience who appreciates a timeless fashion apparel.
All our online garments contain hard data with precise length and width measurements, ensuring that our customers are satisfied once their purchase arrives. All our deliveries are climate conscious; 50% of our packaging is made up of biodegradable materials.
All SUITE POTATO PIE items are vintage and second hand pieces, reducing clothing mass production, improper chemical disposal and human exploitation, making our world a better place! The future of fashion sustainability is vintage